Over lunch today, a few co-workers and I took a walk down to Union Square to survey the Hurricane Sandy damage.

It was so creepy to see blocks and blocks and blocks of the city completely dark, with no one on the street. It’s hard to believe that this is 3 days post-Hurricane, and there is still nothing there.

A pizza place on 25th & 6th was serving pizza in the dark. Awesome, but as my coworker pointed out, “how is the cheese ok??”

Tons of food trucks lined Union Square, many with power strips dangling outside of their windows so people could charge their cell phones.

And Fishs Eddy on 19th and Broadway so awesomely has people outside passing out post-its and Sharpies so that passers-by can leave messages to Sandy on the store window (some of my favorites above).

Also, we cheated death a few times crossing intersections like 23rd by the Flatiron without any streetlights or traffic cops.

I love New York and can’t wait to see this city return to the vibrant place that I adore so much.

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