The Piano Man, himself! (at Madison Square Garden)

I judge the stress level of a workday by the number of female team members wearing topknots by the end of the day.

Not gonna lie. There were a lot today.

  • Coworker: What are you doing for lunch?
  • Me: I'm going to run across the street to Europa.
  • Coworker: What do you get there, soup or salad?
  • Me: Pasta with extra cheese on top.

Reese’s Pumpkins are on sale for $0.19 at Duane Reade. This is the best/worst news I’ve learned all day. Also, I would like some kind of recognition for the restraint I showed by only purchasing two of them.




Urban Outfitters selling “bloodspattered” Kent State varsity shirts

Once again, Urban Outfitters proves itself to be utter garbage. They already pulled the sweatshirt from their site but this is hardly the first time they’ve tried to sell something distasteful. More info here.

I audibly gasped when I saw this. Unbelievable. 

They covered this on The Today Show this morning and I literally yelled at the TV. Nice, Urban Outfitters. Let’s try to sell a ($130) sweatshirt that makes a mockery out of a huge bloodbath that happened YEARS before anyone who would buy this from you was even born. How does UO continue to keep effing up in such monumental ways like this? 

Once upon a time, I was cool enough to produce albums.

Finding some real gems as I clean out my CD collection. I accumulated some… interesting… music during my music industry years.

I always know I’m stressed at work when I queue up The Clarks on Spotify.

You probably don’t know who they are unless you’re from Western PA, and if you’re from Western PA you know that they’re the biggest band ever that no one outside of Pittsburgh has ever heard of.

(Source: Spotify)

Wednesday 4 (what, it could be a thing)

  1. This is one of my favorite times of the year to observe style in New York. Not because it’s NYFW, but because you see a girl wearing a sundress and sandals standing next to a girl wearing jeans, riding boots and a sweater, and they both look comfortable for the weather. 
  2. I never remember my dreams. However, the ridiculous level of detail I remember from my crazy pregnancy dreams is amazing. 
  3. Baby passed his anatomy scan yesterday with flying colors! (Have I mentioned it’s a boy? !!!) Also, even if it is my own baby, 3D ultrasounds still freak me the heck out. 
  4. Next week, I’m seeing Billy Joel at MSG (first time ever seeing him) and a day later, I’m seeing The Replacements in their first NY show in 25 years. Excited doesn’t begin to cover it!

I’m going to see a new dentist tomorrow, and he just called personally to introduce himself to me before the appointment. 

That is some A+ customer service right there. I don’t think I’ve ever had any doctor do that before. 

Hopefully this means this guy is nice enough to help me get over my 33-year long fear of dentists. 

Sigh. Sunday night blues. (Also, we have the most emo cat ever)

I was beyond excited to be selected for the Victoria’s Secret Sport Influenster program. I discovered the VS Sport sports bras a few months ago, and they’re the only sports bras I’ll wear now. I’ve never had a sports bra that gives this level of support, and they also have cups sewn in. One of my biggest pet peeves with other sports bras is that the cups always shift, fold over or fall out in the laundry.

This box includes the VS Sport Incredible sports bra and the VS Sport Knockout Hot Short. I’m excited to try the shorts because I’ve never tried any of their bottoms.


I think I’m starting to look pregnant.

Also, halfway there!

My friend Kortney’s account of Burning Man is making my day!

My friend Kortney’s account of Burning Man is making my day!

Making appropriate use of “labor” day (at Buy Buy Baby)

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