I’m not mad at this. There is legitimately GREAT Greek Food in my neighborhood! And also TOURISTS all over the place near my office. 

Coachella Weekend

I found out super last minute (aka, with 5 days notice) that I was going to have to go out to Palm Springs for the first weekend of Coachella for work. I was in LA at the time that I found out…. I’d already been there for 5 days. When I found out I had to come back out to LA 5 days later, I immediately said, “Sean needs to come with me!” I really didn’t want to spend another 4 days away from him. So we real quick booked him an outrageously last-minute (read: expensive) flight to come out to Coachella weekend with me. 

We didn’t go to the actual festival (uh, seriously, GA tickets were going for $3,500 last week!?), but I had to work at two huge parties while we were there. 

We got to spend our days at a pool party (with the likes of Katy Perry), and we spent Saturday night at the biggest Coachella party - the Neon Carnival. It was awesome and completely celebrity-filled. It was also sand-filled. I don’t think I’ve ever been so sandy in my whole life. Sand does weird things to your hair. 

It was a really fun weekend, and I’m so happy Sean could come out with me. Palm Springs is one of the most gorgeous places I’ve ever visited. The weather was such a welcome change from the East Coast. It also made us feel really old. Kids these days. I think they do a lot of drugs. 

I just caught up on billing 15 weeks worth of time. 

  1. One of my least favorite things about working at an agency
  2. Goddamn, I have worked A LOT of hours these past few months. 

I just found two WireImage photos of Sean & I from the event that my brand sponsored at Coachella on Saturday night. 

  • Photo #1: I look like a classy bitch chugging a beer
  • Photo #2: Sean looks like he’s grabbing his balls 

Pretty stellar showing, by the two of us. 

Peace out, Palm Springs. It’s been real.

One of the best days every year…

When you no longer have to wear bronzer because your skin actually has some color

The view from our hotel room. Very appropriate for my husband. #JesusSaves (at Ace Hotel Downtown Los Angeles)


These kids really keep us busy with their vet appointments.

Shot in the dark, but does anyone know of any available GA passes for Coachella Week 1 for sale?

Not for $2,300. Go home, sellers on StubHub. You’re drunk. 


RIP favorite mac & cheese in all of New York.

After my trip this week, I’ll have already flown 20,000 miles this year for work.

It’s the beginning of April. 

I have to make a last-minute work trip to Coachella this week. Now THIS is what I’m talking about.

A few days ago, I discovered a self timer app in the app store on my iPhone. I’m thankful for it because it gives me gems like this!

I’m a golden god!

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